Thursday, June 18, 2009

Announcing Golf for Joy Trivia 2009

In the week leading up to Golf for Joy I've decided to try something new:

Welcome to Golf for Joy Trivia Week beginning Monday, June 22, 2009.

During the course of the week I am going to Tweet trivia questions from the MJB Foundation's Twitter account@mjbfoundation and post them on the foundation's fan page on Facebook.

What sort of trivia questions you ask?

Why Golf for Joy trivia of course. We have 14 years of golf history and more than five years as a foundation. Demz a lot of details.

Most of the answers will be available via The MJB Foundation website. To keep things interesting, I'll throw out a tidbit or two that's not easily identifiable. Maybe something about Brian's Bail Bonds hockey team adventures (Yeah, we'll call them adventures), on the course at Golf for Joy. It might just be something as simple as a detail about the foundation that hasn't been put into print (yet), for one reason or another. I also might just throw out some general golf questions, especially if they are "still" playing the U.S. Open. (The course is saturated in New York today.)

Okay - Let's get to it. Here's "Da Rulez"

1. Follow @mjbfoundation on Twitter or become a fan of the MJB Foundation on Facebook.
2. Watch for trivia questions, probably 2-3 each day, Monday through Friday next week.
3. Be the first to reply and answer questions correctly by replying to @mjbfoundation, or commenting on the Facebook fan page and win prizes.

That's right prizes - I don't know specifically what prizes yet. In a mini-experiment today I gave away coffee drinks. If you're not local I might send a gift card. This is our first time trying something like this. I'm winging it. Go with me. I will make it worth everybody's while.


I will give away one grand prize. Again - I don't know yet. Work with me. I will announce it as soon as I figure it out.

I think that's it. Simple, right? If I'm missing something or forgetting something we'll deal with that as we go. So here's my disclaimer: I am the judge - All decisions made by the judge are final. All ties go to the runner, i.e. the first correct answer I see.

Everyone is eligible to play EXCEPT the immediate Brochowski family. We are the only folks who have the history immediately available to us. Even our new board members are new enough to The MJB Foundation and Golf for Joy that they can't possibly know it all. (I also want them all to get Twitter accounts. You see my devious plan?!?!! mwhahaha)

Don't have a Twitter or Facebook account? Get one! They are great tools for connecting with people in all walks of your life. They are also required to play Golf for Joy Trivia 2009.

One final note: I will be retweeting and making the questions available from my Twitter and Facebook accounts on Monday and into Tuesday a little. But I don't want to blast those folks who choose not to follow or play along with what will amount to spam at that point and lose them as friends or followers. So after Tuesday at noon I will stop reposting the question from my accounts and only use The MJB Foundation's.

Questions? Comments? Let me know here on the blog.

Hit 'em Straight!


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